About The Company

K. Boulet Designs is a one woman studio in Fort Worth, Texas that creates one of a kind and limited edition jewelry. The company began formally in early 2007, but its roots were nurtured over many years. Explorations in the visual arts, travels in the US and abroad, and the joy taken in many dance forms provided the inspiration for a deepening love of color and balanced design. Following a personal design motif drawn from these inspirations, Kathryn’s jewelry designs are as classically simple as the natural world that inspires them.

After early forays into jewelry making, Kathryn accepted an invitation to join an exhibition in late 2004 and discovered a passion for exploring and fine tuning her craft. She continues to follow her muse, taking delight in finding new ways to frame the gemstones and pearls she loves. Creating beautiful jewelry of innovative design has become the fulfillment of a life in love with color and movement.

Each piece of jewelry is designed and created to become a complement to the wearer and an echo of the gracefulness of the natural world. Whether a single pure pearl, or a sumptuous dangle of gems, each piece of jewelry will enhance the beauty of the wearer and bring enjoyment for years to come. You can be assured your selection will be as unique as you are.  Each piece is handcrafted by Kathryn with creative vision and loving attention to detail.